The Best Deal on the Internet

You have to find shirts to customize for your softballteam/school trip/charity event. And you’re on a tight budget. We’ve all been there. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you want to sacrifice quality. That’s where $5 tees come in. It’s hands down the best deal on custom tees you will find. Printed on Hanes tees, the $5 price applies to any order over 12 pieces, making the deal perfect for small to medium sized events. Ordering a couple extra isn’t a big stressor, because, $5!

Let’s review what else is available online for $5:

Sombrero Juicer

Generic Earbuds

Halloween Hair Blossom

I was going to find 12 items at $5, one for each custom t-shirt in a minimum order, but almost nothing is sold on the internet for $5! (I am not even including shipping from these other sites, because on Customizo it’s free, so I thought I’d try to show them some advantage. In reality, the total cost for the other items looks something like $5 + $7.39 shipping charge.) None of these items approaches the utility of a $5 tee. Well, I guess that sombrero juicer looks pretty versitile.